Luscious Leftovers

Excess food from your parties can be turned into delightful eats.

The party season is in full swing and with each trying to be hostess with the mostest, ending up with leftover food is quite common. While feeding your family with the same dishes is not easy, it is criminal to waste food as millions of people remain hungry.

According to Foodbank, each year, in Singapore alone, around 140kg per person is wasted, which is equivalent of each person trashing two bowls of rice every single day. So it is best to minimise wastage by shopping and cooking smartly and realistically, store food in the right places, keep track of what you throw away and donate to food banks and farms. While it is easy to streamline purchase and consumption of ingredients, it is difficult to redistribute or dispose cooked food due to its limited ‘consume by’ time. To ensure that cooked food lasts longer, lay out smaller portions and serve food in clean containers at the right temperature. Ensure personal hygiene and use proper cutlery for service. 

But despite taking such measures, it is important for families to put their leftovers to good use. Here are some interesting recipes that will trick your family into believing that you have cooked them a fresh meal the next day.