Benchmarks: Not just a new art trail

By Payal Morankar | August 9, 2023

Singapore has introduced yet another art trail, but one that is as functional as it is aesthetic—Benchmarks. The trail was inaugurated on 2 August 2023 and will remain open till 31 July 2026.This is a placemaking initiative commissioned by the Civic District Alliance (CDA), its name a wordplay on the idea of installing artwork benches…

Immerse yourself in the vibrant life and art of Van Gogh

By Tabitha Manresa | March 5, 2023

After receiving rave reviews from it’s US and European tours the extremely popular Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience opens 1 March at Resorts World Sentosa, B1 Forum. The exhibits include a complete look at the artist and his works and feature a number of opportunities for participants to become fully immersed in the stunning world…

Heart of Darkness lights up the pub scene

By Sid Tsering Bhalla | September 18, 2022

When it comes to top-notch quality with top-notch quirkiness, few pubs can match Heart of Darkness, probably the trendiest gastropub in Singapore’s Keong Saik Road, a place long known for its trendy F & B outlets. With a slew of original beers brewed in its distilleries in Saigon, this funky establishment has quickly established itself as one of Singapore’s top hot spots…

Deepavali 2022 Light Up by LISHA

By Sonia Bhayana | September 16, 2022

This year’s Deepavali Light Up will be inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on Friday September 16 in Singapore’s Little India. It will be the opening show to a slew of exciting activities that the Little India Shopkeepers & Heritage Association (LISHA) have lined up to celebrate the Festival of Lights which falls…

Eight first-time winners at Singapore Literature Prize 2022

By Team India Se | August 26, 2022

After two years of restrictions and social distancing, the Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) awards ceremony made its return in-person for the first time since 2018 at Victoria Theatre. Suratman Markasan and Wang Gungwu have made history as the oldest winners of SLP, while eight of the 12 recipients are first-time winners with a mix of…

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