Festivities This April @ Little India

By Team India Se | 2 weeks ago

Little India comes alive during the festive season and this April there will be more excitement as it coincides with the Tamil New Year. Organised by the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association along with 16 other Indian ethnic associations/societies , the festival will present various aspects of Indian culture, practices, traditions, rituals and arts.…

La Martiniere College, Lucknow: The only school to have won Battle Honours

By Team India Se | 3 weeks ago

La Martiniere College for boys in Lucknow, India, has a unique distinction. While a number of schools around the world have been awarded battle colours in recognition of their alumni serving in armies, La Martiniere is the only school in the world to have won Battle Honours. Founded by the French adventurer Major-General Claud Martin…

India Se’s Founder MD has been a long-time spokesman for Singapore Promise

By Aishwarya | 3 weeks ago

India Se Media Managing Director and former Straits Times journalist Shobha Tsering Bhalla had the honour of being chosen to be a poster girl and spokesperson for Singapore Promise, about the journey to Singapore citizenship. This is a video where she speaks about the Singapore Promise. “You know why it feels good to be a…

Test Post 1

By Abhijit Nag | 3 weeks ago


Seema Punwani’s novel Cross Connection launched by India Se

By Team India Se | March 13, 2019

India Se continues to hold its own in a difficult market like Singapore where the media is dominated by government monopolies and only 10 per cent is left to other players, said India Se Media Managing Director Shobha Tsering Bhalla. “India Se is more than a magazine,” she said. “We have a digital presence, an…

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