Face Masks For Sikh Men

By Team India Se | 1 week ago

(This is the third instalment of our Budding Entrepreneur Series to help upcoming or struggling Singaporean entrepreneurs.) Not all face masks are born to be equal. There are some people for whom the standard face masks available in the market are not suitable. This is particularly true of Sikh men. In fact, some of them…

Amrit: Food for the Gods

By Shobha Tsering Bhalla | 2 weeks ago

(This is the second instalment of our Budding Entrepreneur Series to help upcoming or struggling Singaporean entrepreneurs.) Not everything about the Circuit Breaker (aka lockdown) has resulted in a litany of woes. Every now and then, happy and inspiring little stories have glimmered through the pandemic gloom. If you’re an inveterate foodie like me, you’ll…

Indian-born, Singapore-raised Katyayani Allures In US Music Video

By Abhijit Nag | 3 weeks ago

Seductive is the only word for Katyayani’s new creation where her silky smooth voice croons a love song in an alluring video. No Time, her second single, is a song of unrequited love voicing irrational longing in a one-sided relationship, she says, but boy! She has the voice and the moves to put a spell…

Historic Setback For Singapore’s Ruling Party

By Abhijit Nag | 4 weeks ago

Money can’t buy me love, sang the Beatles. Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) could also be singing a similar tune after the general election yesterday. After the biggest pump-priming exercise in the island’s history, the PAP suffered a historic loss. For the first time, it was defeated in the electoral battle for two multi-member group…

Jo Kilda Face Masks Make Lockdown Easier

By Team India Se | July 3, 2020

As face masks become a staple in our wardrobe, Jo Kilda’s founder and creative director Jyoti Singh, wanted to make a mask unlike any other. Featuring a clean and timeless design, Jo Kilda’s silk masks are not only practical, they are made to feel extremely luxurious and fashionable. A strong believer of sustainable fashion, materials…

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