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National Heritage Board Announces Its Line-up For 2021

By Team India Se · January 31, 2021

The National Heritage Board (NHB) has an unprecedented and exciting variety of specially curated exhibitions for 2021. Announcing its plans for 2021 to the media on Thursday, the NHB said it was including in its programme, exhibitions such as a visual record of Covid 19, and one commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Fall of…

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The Farmer’s Protest Like The CAA Turned Ugly As They Had Nothing To Do With The Laws Passed

By Ashali Varma · January 31, 2021

What Indians saw on several TV channels on the 26th of January, was for many of us the culmination of several weeks of protest that were termed peaceful, as in the case of Shaheen Bagh but they had very little to do with the truth or the laws passed by the Centre. Both had large…

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How Doctors Helped Us Overcome Covid And The Fear And Isolation

By Ashali Varma · December 20, 2020

There must be millions of Covid stories in the world today and how each family coped. Unfortunately, there are also those that died of this strange, dreadful virus that causes clots, fever, hypoxia and a host of reactions. My husband, Sanjaya, came down with fever and the very next day he was tested and the…

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Countdown To Christmas With A Beer A Day

By Team India Se · December 3, 2020

In what is a first for Singapore, or perhaps, the region, Thirsty Beer Shop, the online craft beer retailer has launched the ‘Not An Advent Calendar’ craft beer box of 24 curated beers for December 2020. Just like a traditional Advent calendar/card with 24 cubby holes or “boxes” for each day, the ‘Not An Advent…

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Art Takes Over In January For Singapore Art Week 2021

By Team India Se · November 26, 2020

Singapore Art Week (SAW), Singapore’s annual festival and the pinnacle of Asia’s visual arts calendar, is set to take over the island when it returns from 22 to 30 January 2021. A joint initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), SAW 2021 will celebrate…

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A Big Show From A Small Island

By Gauri Gupta · November 20, 2020

Inaugurated  by a blessing from the High Commissioner of India, HE Mr P Kumaran,Visha Rang Singapore (VRSG)  started off with shloka chanting by the organising committee. The Singapore team didn’t just want to string together a variety entertainment show. They worked hard to curate cultural pieces that reflected the literary nature of the festival. Prominent…

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Light Up Your Taste Buds This Deepavali

By Team India Se · November 9, 2020

The Great Indian Food Festival 2020 celebrates local businesses, and brings the festival of lights closer to home. Indian Restaurants Association Singapore welcomes and celebrates Deepavali with the second iteration of The Great Indian Food Festival from November 9 – Nov 23, 2020. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, The Great Indian Food Festival showcases…

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What America Can Learn From The World’s Largest Democracy – India

By Ashali Varma · November 5, 2020

I lived in the US for 14 years and am still stymied by the fact that American citizens depend on paper ballots. In the year 2000, when I was in the US, I was astonished that in the most advanced country in the world, paper ballots were still used and the worst was that you…

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Diwali Experience To Savour At Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel

By Abhijit Nag · November 3, 2020

Food, glorious food, fit for weight-conscious gourmets. The Diwali Experience to savour at the Raffles Hotel is delectable Indian cuisine that will leave you sated, not bloated. The set menu presented by Chef Kuldeep Negi to celebrate Diwali tickles and tingles the palate in a mouth-watering demonstration that Indian cooking can be scrumptious without being…

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The Hougang Heritage Trail

By Team India Se · October 30, 2020

Have you ever wondered why Hougang is commonly pronounced “Au Kang”, quite different from how it is spelt? Au Kang actually means “at the back of the river” in both Teochew and Hokkien, and is a reference to Sungei Serangoon at the end of Upper Serangoon Road, around which many Teochew-speaking inhabitants settled. In fact,…

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