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The Third Edition Of Sg.SAIFF: A Treat To Film Buffs

By Team India Se · September 1, 2019

The third edition of Singapore South Asian International Film Festival (Sg.SAIFF) started with on a high note with the premiere of Tamil feature film ‘Om’ by veteran director, P. Bharathiraja. Bharathiraja, who is also an actor and writer, is regarded as one of the pillars of the Tamil film industry. Born on July 17, 1941, he…

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A Tribute To The Inner Strength Of Women

By Shobha Tsering Bhalla · September 1, 2019

Fine art photographs are created as carefully as paintings. They’re often difficult to create in one session and they stand out because of their details, compositions, and meanings. No matter how unusual or simple the subject is, fine art photographs will make you feel things because they are visions, not merely snap-shots. Perhaps that’s why…

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Designed For Success

By Team India Se · August 7, 2019

As Singapore restructures and promotes alternate career paths India Se Media was delighted to meet with a young artist building our “SG Passion Made Possible” brand on the international stage. Anya Gupta is a young Singaporean designer based in the US who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Furniture Design) from the Rhode Island School of…

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Tugging At Your Heartstrings

By Nithya Subramanian · August 2, 2019

In commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial celebrations, Temple of Fine Arts has conceptualised a show titled Hrdaya – Heartstrings, a music-driven exploration into the thoughts and emotions of Sir Stamford Raffles – the founder of modern Singapore. Hrdaya is an ensemble production that transcends time and emotion through a multitude of art forms. Underlined by…

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Aladdin Magic Sweeps Singapore

By Parul Trivedi Shah · August 2, 2019

The evergreen story of Aladdin has brought the Genie’s magic and the Princess’ royal charisma to Singapore from Australia. On the opening night of July 25, 2019, Disney Theatrical Australia’s production Aladdin created ripples of excitement in adults and children alike at the Sands Theater, Marina Bay Sands. The perfect blend of dazzling theatre act,…

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Graceful As A Swan

By Nithya Subramanian · July 30, 2019

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is the most iconic ballet and to perform it day after day is something that needs immense passion and discipline. Prima Ballerina Irina Kolesnikova (38), who plays both Odette and Odile (white and black swan), has done thousands of shows, but every time she is on stage, her enthusiasm doesn’t falter. “If…

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Mr Paul Papalia CSC MLA Minister for Tourism signs a global cooperative marketing agreement between the State Government, through Tourism Western Australia, and Singapore Airlines

By Aishwarya · July 3, 2019

India Se Media was at the home of HE Mr Bruce Gosper, the Australian High Commissioner in Singapore to meet Mr Paul Papalia CSC MLA Minister for Tourism. He was in Singapore today to sign a $5 million three-year global cooperative marketing agreement between the State Government, through Tourism Western Australia, and Singapore Airlines. The…

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Legally Blonde In Singapore

By Team India Se · June 13, 2018

Legally Blonde – The Musical is here in Singapore to chase the blues away.

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