Modi’s Mission 2022

By MJ Akbar · July 30, 2019

Reform has become the trope of our times. After nearly a quarter century of hop, side-step and crawl, the Indian economy remained shackled to shibboleths till 2014, when India languished, to offer only one example, at a pathetic 142 in the ease of doing business index. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intense effort for change is…

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Relax Ladies, It’s Only A Lehenga

By Shobhaa De · July 29, 2019

This is as good a time as any to talk about ‘phashion’. Frankly, it’s reached a stage when I cannot tell one designer from the other. Not that it matters. I am not their target client. Every other week is fashion week in India. With the same bunch of 200 people in attendance applauding the…

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Full Mind, Beautiful Mind!

By Debashis Chatterjee · July 29, 2019

I have been watching my mind ever since I can remember. It is one of the most fascinating and perhaps the most rewarding occupation that I can recommend to those reading my post. There was a time I was experimenting with the art and science of reading minds (my own as well as those of…

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Why I’m Ready To Be Flogged In These Chest-thumping Times

By Shobhaa De · May 15, 2019

WE ARE AT WAR We are at war, yet never really at war.  We are at peace, never truly at peace.  What is this land in which we live —seeded by hate, by the sword tilled, scythe-harvested by Death?  Since neither of us can win,  let our unequal gods meet,  bury arms instead of limbs, …

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The Dynamism Of Indivisibility

By Debashis Chatterjee · May 15, 2019

An organisation is much more than the sum total of its material and intellectual assets. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The whole is not a collection of parts but the individual relationship that exists among the parts. If we take all of the words in a sentence and change their…

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Citizen Sane: Pranab Confounds Critics

By Shobhaa De · August 7, 2018

Former President Pranab Mukherjee emerged a hero, speaking for unity, dignity and sanity in his address to RSS troops in Nagpur

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Full Mind, Beautiful Mind!

By Team India Se · July 25, 2018

A full mind has minimum thoughts and maximum awareness

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Win Or Lose, Elections Make Them Richer

By MJ Akbar · July 7, 2018

Why politicians stand for election even when they know they will lose

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Terminus For Lasting Peace

By MJ Akbar · June 25, 2018

From the Roman god of boundaries, lessons in solving border disputes.

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Is Competition A New Name For Envy?

By Debashis Chatterjee · June 14, 2018

Envy poisons minds and destroys humanity.

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