Healthy and tasty: protein-packed brownies

Say hello to HerbYvore Ultimate Protein Brownies! These are perfect for anyone who is looking to give a nutritious protein boost to their diet.

The vegan protein-packed brownies are made with a blend of cocoa powder, HerbYvore’s Planet Protein, walnuts and contains no refined sugar. Every bite is soft and chocolatey, and  packed with the goodness of plant-based protein. Pair them with your favourite HerbYvore Dark Chocolate for the ultimate dessert fest.

HerbYvore is a plant-based brand launched by Agrocorp International – a Singapore-headquartered supply chain company that specialises in agricultural commodities and food products such as wheat, soybeans, cotton, pulses, nuts, rice, and sugar.

The brand recently launched a protein block called Planet Protein, which is more than just tofu, cheese and paneer, containing double the protein of regular soy. It’s also gluten free and without any cholesterol as well as high in calcium! It can be used to replace your daily source of plant based proteins with so many delicious recipes like croquette, dumplings, Brownies, pesto or even tacos.

Available at limited timed launch price of $15 (U.P. $18) for a Box of 6 Brownies (600 gm).

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