Out of the darkness and into a Spark of Light 

After two years, tucked away like the rest of us, i Light Singapore is making a grand return with Spark of Light. It’s time to light up the night and return to the city centre. I’m looking at you heartlands crew.
From 3 to 26 June, creative works of illuminated art will be on display throughout Marina Bay. Local and International artists represent 14 countries with their inspirational themes which highlight sustainability. The artists and their works hope to inspire conversations and shine a light on our everyday consumption habits, the environment, and how we can build a more sustainable future together. Keep your eyes open for creatively repurposed industrial plastic waste, recovered fishing nets, satellite dishes turned swans, upcycled CDs and DVDs, and artistic conversations about balance, fitness and community.
Japanese artist Eiji Sumi challenges viewers to interact with his seesaw like sculpture Here and There and think about life as balance, balance with the environment, with political powers, with personal relationship and all facets of life. Ruffled Ice by DP Design takes excessive industrial plastic waste and turns it into a beautiful representation of a melting iceberg to start your conversation about where you can be aware of excess plastic packaging in your everyday life. Which might lead you to Re-Act, a student entry designed by NUS Architecture students Liang TaiLin and Isabella Meo Loo Yanshan. As you sit amongst their curves and strands of light they challenge you to consider the rising sea levels as you sit along the edge of the Bay. A night of cultivation, appreciation, and conversation is sure to ensue.
GastroBeats at events space located at the south end of the Marina Bay Shoppes offers food, music, and fun for everyone. From bouncy castles to carnival games, festive food and sustainable shopping, packed with social media worthy light ups, it’s a great way to start your night of artistic adventure. Into the night you go: Marina Bay, 3-26 June 2022, 7:30-11pm daily.
For more information: https://www.iLightSingapore.gov.sg
(Photos: Facebook: iLight Singapore 2022)
Tabitha Manresa

Tabitha Manresa