Is Congress Working With India’s Enemies?

The Congress Party in India is so out of sync with the rest of India, that it is committing suicide. Digvijaya Singh and others like him seem to think that Article 370 can be brought back in Kashmir, even though if the truth be told, the average Kashmiri today realises how much the Abdullahs and Muftis took advantage of the article, and were as corrupt as the Congress.

Whether it is Pakistan or China, the Congress Party seem to be more in line with our enemies than with India. It is almost incredible that the party hierarchy speak the language of Pakistan and China. 

One cannot help but suspect that the MOU that Rahul Gandhi signed with Xi Jinping hovering behind him, had more to do with a quid pro quo between the Congress Party and the Communist Party of China, than a two nation deal.

What amazes me is that no one in the present government has insisted or compelled the Gandhis to make the MOU public. What stops them? Surely one can get it under the Right to Information Act or via the courts.

Shouldn’t a secret deal made between China’s Communist Party and the Congress be made public to the people of India. It is alleged that after the deal was made suddenly many of our own industries and even medium and small scale businesses were not able to compete with China. Even our pharmaceutical companies lost out on as there was no level playing field and China was deliberately given the upper hand.

I have heard from several small businesses that even when they made better products for the Indian market, they had to shut down as China was allowed to sell their cheap, inferior products with no tariffs in India. 

One has to wonder if this was part of the MOU. Was intelligence sharing also a part, couched in diplomatic language. Is that why India did not build up infrastructure for ten years on our borders with China? Why was it that only when the BJP came in that border roads, bridges and critical infrastructure was taken up on a war footing for the security on our borders with China?

Is the Congress Party so compromised to our enemies that even during a time of crisis they speak against our country and fall in line with what China or Pakistan want?

It seems like it – and that too not just occasionally but on a daily basis. At a time when the country faces both the China virus and border issues, our opposition seems almost united against our country.

This is not just criticism but it is a deliberate effort to pander to our enemies and show India in a bad light, which is too often gleefully reported by both western and our enemies’ media. It is almost as if our own opposition parties want India to fail.

This is nothing short of treason.

The fact that our government with its huge mandate allows it to happen is totally mystifying. Had the Congress been in power today there would have been Emegency or Presidents Rule in many states- as that never mattered to them- damn democracy- was their way, always and every time.

Thus even though the present government give the courts and media a free hand, and protests of all kinds are allowed,  the western media and Congress sycophants actually have the gall to say India is becoming a totalitarian state. Where is the proof of this?

Does only biased opinion count now? How can retired Indian Administrative Services officers and a mix of have beens charge the present government with totally spurious facts and get away with it because we are a free and fair democracy? 

What about the truth? What about the achievements of this government vis a vis the corruption, the crony capitalism and rampant money laundering that happened during the UPA regime?

I fear that if we delay getting our house in order to catch the crooks, they will get even more embolden as they have. Sometimes we need to take steps to speak not only from a position of strength but a position of taking the high moral ground. A billion plus people trust and have voted for this government and for sweeping changes.

India is on the right path. The present government has delivered on every count- infrastructure, health care, electricity, agriculture, poverty alleviation, sanitation, railways and connectivity, foreign policy, and so much else. 

We have much to be proud of, we have a narrative to build and that narrative must be strong enough and powerful enough to completely destroy the lies of those who want India to fail.


Ashali Varma

Ashali Varma is a writer at India Se.