Publicity Hungry State Ministers Imperil the Country

Undoubtedly the Corona warriors are in the following order : medical workers consisting of Doctors, paramedical staff and the safai karmacharis (sanitation workers) and then police personnel and administrators and supporting staff.
A very large number of Corona warriors have suffered the infection as a professional hazard and out of these 400 doctors alone have succumbed to the pandemic across the country.
Political leaders and the people’s representatives cannot be categorised as corona warriors because there are no compelling reasons for them to be so. In fact, they are flagrantly flouting the corona protocols with shockingly irresponsible behaviour.
Political gatherings, processions, weddings social gatherings are thoroughly enjoyed with great bonhomie by these incorrigible rule breakers.
To quote one statistical analysis, the  Karnataka state legislative assembly and the legislative council have a combined strength of 299 i.e 224+75 and out these 90 of them have suffered the coronavirus infection. A few of them like the chief minister and leader of the opposition have recovered and many are in hospitals down with the disease.
One third of these Elected Representatives have got infected. Just imagine if 1/3 of the population  in the country gets infected by the Covid-19 virus! Can our health services withstand such pressure? No doubt It will just crumble .
In no other country are the elected representatives behaving as irresponsibly as that of ours. We have elected the show off category people as our representatives and they have not spared even a pandemic to get their quota of publicity. They turned food distribution to the needy into crass photo-op events, holding food packets with their names and photos on the items, and film stars in toe! A deplorable lot with no sensibilities whatsoever


Shivalingaiah H N