Political Parties Oppose New Farm Reforms

Fringe political parties with almost nothing to do with farmers’ issues have been creating havoc over the Farm Bills – the Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill.
These include the urbanised, Delhi bound Kejriwal’s AAP whose Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh created an unholy rukus while opposing the bill in the Rajya Sabha. In the case of Prakash Singh Badal’s Shiromani Akali Dal and Sharad Pawan’s fiefdom NCP, it’s obvious why these lumpenised rural oriented parties are opposing the bill. They’re desperate as they will be losing hundreds of crores of rupees per year which they were getting as commission because now farmers can sell their produce without the middle men such as the APMC (Agriculture produce marketing committee).
Equally baffling is the Kerala government’s opposition because there is no APMC  network in the state of Kerela. All these fringe  parties want to create an unrest in the country like  the protests which were stage- managed in the aftermath of CAA and the NRC when petro dollars were pumped from West Asia in the name of  protecting adherents of a certain religion.
Fortunately, this time around the central government is politically in a better position to handle the protests, if any, to harm the farming community.
On day one itself Prime Minister Narendra Modi clarified any misgivings about the bill to the farmers. On the ground, there is no upsurge of emotional opposition to the just introduced Bill by the farming community. The farmers have indeed understood the double game played by these political bandicoots.
Photo: Facebook/AAP

Shivalingaiah H N