Indian-born, Singapore-raised Katyayani Allures In US Music Video

Seductive is the only word for Katyayani’s new creation where her silky smooth voice croons a love song in an alluring video. No Time, her second single, is a song of unrequited love voicing irrational longing in a one-sided relationship, she says, but boy! She has the voice and the moves to put a spell on her audience. The video she has posted on YouTube is getting raves.

Streaming on all major platforms, No Time is as smooth as Katyayani’s debut single, Feel, released earlier this year. Like Feel, No Time is night-time music perfect for cruising neon-lit streets alone. The plaintive, breathy vocals backed by lush music evoke love and romance. This is soul music.

Indeed, as the singer herself says on her Facebook page: “Katyayani is an Indian Alternative RnB artist, born and raised in Singapore, and is now based in Boston, Massachusetts.”

With a double degree from the Berklee College of Music, Katyayani has been showing her talents in songwriting, performance, production and content creation. She has performed at Lollapalooza, scored Volkswagen ads and shot her own music videos.

The No Time video she created in collaboration with musician-filmmaker Patrick Gdovic. She in Boston, he in Los Angeles, unable to meet during the lockdown, collaborated in countless videoconferencing and screen calls. Katyayani shot most of the footage of herself in her room with direction from Patrick, and some help from a tripod. Mostly a self-shot film, it shows her singing, doing her hair, dancing, lolling on a bed under a filmy veil,  strumming a guitar, standing on the ocean’s edge.

The images and the music may bring back memories of what we have seen and heard before, but that does not detract from their beauty. Katyayani has got what it takes. Pretty and young, she looks sweet in this video where, with no one else in sight, the camera tenderly lingers on her. No Time may be a song of unrequited love, but the YouTube video shows Katyayani has her fans.


Abhijit Nag