Aladdin Magic Sweeps Singapore

This Broadway musical is a dazzling mix of music, dance and drama

The evergreen story of Aladdin has brought the Genie’s magic and the Princess’ royal charisma to Singapore from Australia. On the opening night of July 25, 2019, Disney Theatrical Australia’s production Aladdin created ripples of excitement in adults and children alike at the Sands Theater, Marina Bay Sands. The perfect blend of dazzling theatre act, vivacious actors, beautiful costumes and popular musical numbers, Aladdin, made for a memorable evening.

The cast of Graeme Isaako, as Aladdin, Shubshri Kandiah, as Jasmine, and Gareth Jacobs, as Genie generated much applause during each stage appearance. The Genie, a beloved of the children, always a step ahead in the game of entertainment, converted each opportunity into one of spirited laughter. His appearance was akin to anticipating magic to happen, only heightening it as the show progressed.

The artistic dances performed by the ensemble were so well choreographed and with the changing background props the audience felt they are travelling amidst rich visuals, faraway lands, and witnessing exotic dances in those places. The mind weaves a picture only to have it replaced by a more enriching one, making the entire show truly spectacular.

For the first time, audiences saw a Disney Princess of colour in Jasmine, a graceful actor with amazing footwork to add to her charm. Combined with the popular Aladdin, Jasmine was a treat to watch on stage. The production recreated the magic of Aladdin once more for the 2000+ audience with the astonishing flying carpet and the sweep was complete when the curtains came down and the cast took a bow.

Finesse in smaller details make a big stage show look grand and Disney’s Aladdin has reached out for the stars above the vast Arabian desert.


Aladdin will run at the Sands Theater, Marina Bay Sands, until Sun, 1 Sep 2019.


Parul Trivedi Shah