Month: June 2019

Jazzing Up Your Life

By Team India Se · June 21, 2019

Just like Bob Fosse, who directed and wrote the semi autobiographical musical All That Jazz, entrepreneurs Sharmila Arora and Dipika Bedi have together directed and choreographed the success of a Singapore-based boutique event company that goes by the same name. With a focus on the finer things in life such as fashion, lifestyle and music…

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Singapore Songster

By Nithya Subramanian · June 21, 2019

Sandeep Chatterjee can easily be described as a complete musician as he not just sings but also writes and composes songs. His recently released ‘Mood Melange’ brings forth his versatility where the emphasis has been on experimenting with different genres of music be it rock, folk, swing and EDM. Gifted with a rich, melodious voice,…

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US May Clamp H-1B Visas

By Aishwarya · June 20, 2019

Indians who wish to go to the United States on H-1B work visas may find it difficult if the US decides to cap the numbers at 15 per cent. According to a report by news agency Reuters, the US has told India, it is considering caps for nations that force foreign companies to store data…

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Just. Imagine

By Sabyn Javeri · June 19, 2019

Last year, amid growing child poverty, a severe water crisis and outbreaks of violence in our country, a well-meaning journalist, Ansar Abbasi, raised a most urgent concern, causing people to panic and protest against a private school in Karachi. The cause for concern here was none other than John Lennon’s 1971 song, Imagine, which the…

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In God’s Own Country

By Nithya Subramanian · June 19, 2019

Hawkers shouting, ‘Pazham Pori, Pazham Pori (plantain fritters, Paruppa Wadai-Paruppu Wadai (lentil vadas), Chai-Chai,’ in a sing-song tone was music to our ears, confirming that we had reached our favourite holiday destination – Palghat in Kerala. Lush green trees, pristine ponds and hours spent playing with cousins are all unforgettable memories of my summer holidays.…

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A Heritage Game Park

By Runima Borah Tandon · June 19, 2019

After our exhilarating trip to Shillong, we decided to take our Singaporean guests, Jane and Rachel to the world famous Kaziranga National Park, located in Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam. The drive from Shillong to Kaziranga National Park had taken us five hours. As we left behind the blue mountains of Meghalaya, we drove…

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IndianRaga… Going Gaga

By Parul Trivedi Shah · June 19, 2019

Indian classical dancers and musicians in Singapore can showcase their talent on a bigger stage with the arrival of IndianRaga. The MIT-founded digital arts education start-up, which helps artists learn, perform and shine, is launching IndianRaga Singapore to hone local talent and show them in high-quality video to the rest of the world to see.…

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By Team India Se · June 19, 2019

COCKTAILS Goodness Ginger Me  2 two-inch fresh ginger, peeled 2 two-inch turmeric, peeled 1 lemon 4 tbsp honey Sparkling water Cayenne pepper 1 oz tequila METHOD Place ginger, turmeric and lemons into a juicer and allow to strain into a glass jar, stir in agave and store in a clean airtight container in the refrigerator…

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Silken Touch

By Jamuna Pai · June 19, 2019

My skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily. What routine should I follow? Sensitive skin is often associated with hormonal imbalances and is sometimes mistaken for rosacea. This skin type is acutely sensitive to many stimulants like sun exposure, heat and even touch, that is, even touching the face could make it turn red or…

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The Silent Pillars Of Colonial Machinery

By Team India Se · June 19, 2019

The book, The Forgotten Sentinels: The Sepoys of Malaya, Singapore & South-East Asia (Chennai: Pixar Graphics, 2017) by N Nedumaran, is based on the significant role of the sepoys/ native soldiers of the East India Company (EIC), a history that is little known and often ignored in the colonial narrative. Ironically, the story of the…

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