India Plans To Prevent NRI Men From Abandoning Their Wives


The Indian government is considering changes in the law to prevent non-resident Indian (NRI) husbands from deserting their wives. The proposed measures include confiscation of an absconding NRI husband’s share of joint property and prevention of alienation of commonly held land if the absconder fails to answer court summons, reports The Times of India.

The Ministry of External External Affairs will display the names of husbands issued court summonses on its website, NDTV reported, quoting an official.

NRI men who marry in India must also register their marriage within a week and update their marital status on their passports. Their passport could be revoke if they failed to update their status, the Hindustan Times reported, quoting officials.

These measures were shortlisted by a group of ministers following reports of several cases, many from Punjab, of NRI husbands abandoning their wives.