For Good Neighbours

How feng shui can help you have good relations with your neighbours.

Creating happiness and harmony is the primary reason for using feng shui. Happiness and harmony at home or workplace is very important to bring out the best in us. Harmony at home can also lead to good relations with neighbours.

Feng shui is not required for maintaining good relations with the neighbours we like, but it can ease tensions with troublesome neighbours.

All homes have a connect with the neighbourhood and it’s not unusual to have both friendly and unfriendly neighbours. In some of the countries in South and South-east Asia, it’s quite common for people to take drastic measures when the energy from a neighbouring building threatens their business and livelihood. But drastic measures are not necessary usually; generally, simple ways will suffice to overcome the hostility. However, when there is serious negative energy emanating towards you from your neighbours, it pays to give more attention to your feng shui.

If you are living in an apartment building where you have problems with a neighbour directly opposite you, then crystals suspended between the doors or pathway can defuse the negative forces between the homes. But if you have problems with a next-door neighbour in the apartment building, then you should try something else: Suspend metal wind chimes if the neighbour lives to your right; and place an image of a metal dragoon with a healthy plant on the left side of your door if the neighbour lives to your left.


SBS Surendran

SBS Surendran is a writer at India Se.