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Eschewing a lavish wedding, Shiva and Joti – a young Singaporean-Indian couple – celebrated their wedding at an old age home

12/31/2016 3:22:20 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Every young couple dreams of a fairytale wedding, with all the bells and roses, but it is very rare to come across one that wants to celebrate their big day at an old age home.

Shivananda Rai and Joti Upadhya, both 27, held their engagement and legal solemnization at the Sree Narayana Mission (SNM) as they wanted to kickstart this new phase of life on a charitable note. “This very much ties in to the Hindu idea of Karma where the Universe gives you back what you give to others. We have both grown up listening to stories of our parents of how weddings were done in rural Uttar Pradesh where everyone poor and rich alike gets to eat at weddings and perhaps that is what triggered us to find someway to recreate that,” said Rai who is an associate at Frontier Strategy Group.

Shiva and Joti, a Library associate at National Library Board, have been childhood sweethearts. “We both met at Hindi School when we were 10 and started dating when we were 16. We are both actively involved in volunteering with the Hindu Centre as well as charitable causes such as the Santana Dharma Orphanage in Bali,” said the young couple who are busy doing up their new love nest. “SNM does great work supporting people from all backgrounds without proselytizing and we resonated with that.”

While the decision was made rather easily by the newlyweds, it was not easy convincing SNM. “At first, they were hesitant because no one had done anything similar in the last 22 years but after a while they warmed up to it and were a fantastic host,” said Shiva.

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