The World’s Shame

It’s a shame that rape is rampant in both developed and underdeveloped nations

12/11/2017 5:07:35 PM
written By : Priyanka Sidhu Print

December 16, 2012. I was only 12 years old then. Living in Singapore, a safe zone or at least that’s how we see it, I was shocked when I read about the rape of the beautiful and innocent Jyoti Singh in Delhi. The case became known as “Nirbhaya”, which means “fearless”, because the victim’s identity was kept secret until the father chose to disclose it. Rape laws in India protect the identity of the victim.

Jyoti Singh, a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern, was returning home after watching a movie with her friend, Awindra Pratap, when she was assaulted and raped on the bus they were travelling in. She was beaten with an iron rod, brutally gang-raped and sexually tortured by six men including the bus driver for about two hours. Her friend tried hard to protect her but in vain.  She was almost naked when she was thrown out of the bus with her friend. A passer-by found her bruised, mutilated, her intestines hanging out. After multiple operations in a Delhi hospital, Jyoti was brought to Singapore for emergency treatment but died on December 29, 13 days after being raped. 

This fatal rape sent shockwaves throughout India and the world. 

It’s appalling how women are objectified in the misogynistic and hypocritical society that we live in. Child rape, marital rape, genocidal rape, prison rape, serial rape, gang rape and revenge rape are prevalent in this so-called equal society of ours. After the shocking “Nirbhaya” rape case, the international press slammed India, calling Delhi the “rape capital” and denouncing “India’s rape culture”. But is this an issue affecting only underdeveloped nations like India? One tends to think rape is endemic to  underdeveloped countries where illiteracy, inequality and gender bias are rampant. However. statistics show rape is rampant in developed nations, too. 

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