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Veronica Shanti Pereira may only be a teenager, but she is already the talk of the town. We catch up with the up-and-Coming star athlete

6/12/2014 2:01:37 PM
written By : Parveen Maghera Print

Clad in her sports attire and running shoes, with her hair pulled up tight to a high ponytail, her wide grin and casual gestures brings to mind a girl far from the seriousness of the racetrack.

But with her unwavering focus and stoic determination, Veronica Shanti Pereira, who will turn 18 in September, shines bright after successfully breaking two national records in 2013.

Racing in the heats of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Burma last December, Shanti set a new national record in the 200m women’s event after clocking in 24.12s. However, her performance in the 8th International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) World Youth Championships held in Ukraine last July was laudatory as she became the first Singaporean female athlete to smash the national record in less than 12s at 11.89s.

“At first, I didn’t know,” Shanti recalls. “When we finished... [our results] showed for two seconds and went away.” It was only when her coach confi rmed the result with the official timekeepers that she felt victorious. “She said ‘yes it’s confirmed’ and we both screamed! I was very happy’!”

Photo Courtesy: Singapore Sports School

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