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Dance Of Joy

A Singapore-based teenager talks about her experience volunteering at a girls’ shelter in New Delhi

9/1/2016 4:58:01 PM
written By : Raema Grover Print

This summer vacation I did not go to a new country, to tour its cities or explore the place. I spent my holidays in my home country, India doing what I love to do – teaching underprevileged girls to dance. 

After a 10-day getaway to Kashmir, I stayed in Delhi spending time with my grandparents, extended family and friends. Although meeting family is always a good experience, there wasn’t much else to do. So I thought of putting my time to better use by contributing to society as I felt for the many children living in dire poverty.

That’s when my aunt, a human right activist in Delhi pointed me to an institution named Aman Biradari, that ran a campaign called “Dil Se” for children who lived and worked on the streets. It seeks to rehabilitate children by offering hostels, providing them educational bridge courses, life skills training, recreation activities, counselling, medical facilities etc. This struck a chord with me and I decided to join the “Aman Yuva”, a volunteer driven campaign. I was directed to a girls’ hostel run by them called “Rainbow Khushi home” in Khand Gaon (village) in Okhla Phase 1. 

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