That’s a Bright Idea

Many non-governmental agencies are now embarking on projects that will bring electricity to homes

4/30/2015 2:55:30 PM
written By : Sidhant Singh Print

In our modern day lives we take energy for granted. We knowthatwhen we flick a switch the lights or fan will turn on or off. We have so much of it that we forget to respect it! We leave lights or fans on when we leave the house, when the millions of people living in poverty don’t even have access to a streetlight to study or a lamp to use when they go to the toilet. It is hard for us to imagine a life without energy as we have grown up with it. Take a moment to think how you would feel, if you flicked on a switch and the lights didn’t turn on today? 

There are multiple organisations and groups in India working towards tackling this issue. They work in different slums and other underprivileged areas to provide them with access to light. 

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