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Bald is Brave

12-year-old girl plans to shave off her luscious locks and raise $5,000 to help needy cancer patients in India

3/17/2015 11:44:07 AM
written By : Maya Tsering Bhalla Print

Pre-teen Rhea Shrivastava is inspiring not just other students in her Middle School at UWCSEA but even the adults in her life with her recent decision to shave off her long, thick locks for the Hair For Hope service at her school. Through this, she hopes to raise awareness about cancer and the funds she raises will go towards supporting a cancer hospital in India. In an increasingly superficial world, Rhea is a breath of fresh air, a young girl, who isn’t concerned about the curious stares her bald head might attract, especially when she is doing something for a worthy cause. She expects to raise $5000 through her endeavour.

Hats off to this brave youngster, and in an attempt to understand what inspired her to take the decision, India Se had a chat with her. Here are some excerpts: 

India Se: What inspired you to shave off your hair? 

Rhea Shrivastava: I have a teacher who is the head of service in our middle school at UWCSEA, Ms Claire Psillides. She is one of my favourite teachers at school and last year she decided to shave her head as part of our Hair for Hope Global Concern, in order to raise funds for cancer patients in India. I was inspired by her and decided that I wanted to do it this year.

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