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Top aesthetic practicioner, Dr Komathy Rajaratnam, believes that improving one’s looks has a positive bearing on the psyche

8/1/2016 2:29:16 PM
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A visit to an aesthetic doctor is not about pampering your vanity, but about boosting your confidence. 

Dr Komathy Rajaratnam, one of Singapore’s leading doctors in aesthetic medicine with over 18 years experience, believes in taking an holistic approach to treatment. “Insecurity about one’s looks affects the psyche, especially among the teenagers,” she said. 

The Lifestyle Clinic created by her provides an entire suite of cutting edge aesthetic services. All treatments are tailored individually to suit each patient’s requirements after a thorough consultation. So whether it is the use of hormone therapy to correct issues caused by imbalances or nutritional medicine, Dr Komathy believes in providing long term solutions.

Armed with a medical degree from the National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Wales (UK), her interest in aesthetic medicine and dermatology started while working in Sydney in the early 90’s. She is one of the first few doctors trained in laser hair removal when it was introduced 12 years ago in Singapore, and has a strong reputation in the field of laser hair removal. 

Unlike  in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine does not involve any major surgical procedures. “An aesthetician must have an eye for beauty and this is something he/she is born with. It is a skill that is gifted and I seem to have that. I don’t need to take detailed measurements; I can just look and make the necessary corrections. It is also important for an aesthetic doctor to know when to stop, the enhancements must be done in such a way that it looks natural and nobody can pinpoint that something was done,” said Dr Komathy Rajaratnam. 

In the recent years, her clinic has also seen a growing number of men seeking aesthetic intervention. The good doctor also believes in doing her bit to help needy people. “Recently a poor boy suffering from eczema was brought to me. I waived consultation fees and tried to help him as best as I could,” she said. 

Here are excerpts of an interview with Dr Komathy Rajaratnam: 

India Se: Tell us a little about your childhood, family and upbringing? What persuaded you to take up medicine?

Dr Komathy Rajaratnam: I am the eldest of four children. Basically all through my childhood and later years I excelled in my studies and went to the top schools. In my mind I always wanted to be a doctor. To help someone heal is a noble thing.

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