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A floating hotel with a myriad attractions, a cruise is understandably becoming the holiday of choice among families

7/9/2014 2:17:17 PM
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Cruises used to be the haunt of retirees. They, after all, were the ones who could afford the luxury of time and money to go on long voyages with all their food and entertainment needs taken care of, as well as land excursions thrown in. These days, many cruises, especially of a shorter duration, are popular with families. Cruise ships like the Superstar Virgo are generally well-equipped with a variety of restaurants - allowing passengers to wine and dine all day long - a casino and after-dinner shows.

Families with young children need not write off a cruise as a holiday option either. With cruise liners targeting young families, ships like the Superstar Virgo have plenty of activities to keep young children occupied. A large children’s pool on the upper deck with water slides and a mini rock climbing wall on the same deck will keep your child busy. There is also a children’s club where trained minders will look after your offspring while you and your hubby enjoy a few hours of respite.

Enter the luxury cruise liner and you step into a palatial lobby with a seagull-shaped art installation and golden horse statues. Welcome drinks are handed out before you are led to your ocean-view stateroom with balcony. Dinner is at family-style Chinese restaurant, Pavilion. Suitably stuffed after an eight-course meal, adjourn to “Cher… Live!” featuring Thai impersonator Chan lip-synching to Cher’s popular hits. Sit in the front row only if you don’t mind being part of the show! If energy levels permit, this is followed by a magic show, ‘Mirage’ with Vincent Vignaud and later, ‘Nikita’, an adult show. 

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