Philippines Is Fun

He landed in Manila as a young Singaporean-Indian expat expecting a mundane working life, but the beautiful islands and warm Filipinos made his stay enjoyable

4/30/2015 2:56:25 PM
written By : Sidhartha Tsering Bhalla Print

Being welcomed into Manila city was different to most countriesI have visited in South-east Asia. I had never smelt so much pork being roasted in one place before but it was like an indication that I had arrived in the Philippines. 

To get an understanding of Manila you have to know a little about the vast city. It is the centre of the country’s culture, economic growth and of course politics where years ago the people managed to win their independence under the guidance of its hero Emilio Aguinaldo only to have it taken again by the United States before World War II.

Manila today is still growing and even though there is a massive brain drain in the country they are appearing to build more industries to hold onto people that look to leave for greener pastures. As you roam the streets of Makati, what I like to call the heart of Manila, you can see the growth and development there with banks, call centers and F&B industries coming up. Though, of course, the city itself is rife with crime, you just have to be a little smarter about the places you decide to visit, especially when alone as Makati is also home to the Red Light District of Manila and it can get sketchy at night.

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