The Mighty Mount Fuji

Bad weather did not hinder our spirit as we captured the beauty of the most spiritual mountain in Japan

11/26/2014 3:56:24 PM
written By : Basabi Banerjee Print

It might sound like a cliche to say that the vagaries of the weather can wreak havoc on the best laid plans, butthe day we had set aside to visit Mount Fuji with our well informed guide Komine-san, proved to be disappointingly overcast. We were on a short trip to Japan in early November, which usually has a fairly even mix of sunny and cloudy days. The fact that the day after our trip saw Tokyo bathed in brilliant sunshine, did not, however, have me screaming out in frustration. On the contrary, imbued with the calm spirituality that mountains tend to inspire, I reminded myself that the accomplished photographer Ohyama Yukio who has captured the iconic mountain in all her myriad aspects, has spoken of the patience required to obtain a good view of Mount Fuji. A sunny day would undoubtedly have been a bonus but when you are about to visit Japan’s most iconic landmark, mist and rain are minor distractions. We were, after all, going to see an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon which dates back hundreds of thousands of years and is known to contain within its gigantic core, Komitake volcano, the old Fuji volcano which rested south of the Komitake, and Sen Komitake which recent research suggests is also concealed within Mount Fuji’s hallowed depths. 

Apart from being a subject of immense scientific interest, Mount Fuji is also one of Japan’s trio of sacred mountains and is believed to have been opened for worship in the twelfth century when sacred scriptures were buried in its peak. Little wonder then that the melancholy usually evoked by a cheerless, cloudy day was eclipsed by great excitement at the prospect of visiting Japan’s most revered symbol.

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