The Beauty Of Imperfection

Surrounded by strife-ridden neighbours, Jordan is an oasis in the Middle East. Its beautiful monuments and friendly people made my visit a lifetime experience

6/6/2014 4:39:42 PM
written By : Steve Andre Print

Arriving at 5am in Amman, the capital of Jordan, my excitement levels were palpably high. My interest in the Middle East was piqued by the fact that I had taken Arabic classes five years ago and the region’s music, culture, food and history were part of my everyday life. This was going to be my own Arabian Nights Adventure!

Despite getting little sleep on the plane and a long layover in Istanbul, I was in awe of Amman from the moment I reached it. The city was covered in snow, and the Amman Pasha Hotel where I was staying faced the ancient Roman Theatre, a location that was truly fantastic.

This monument is similar to the Colosseum in Rome with intricately carved columns, which is a symbol of the Kingdom’s Roman past. The hotel was located in the old City, and all the buildings there transported me back to the Old World. Picturesque, carved out of the mountains, and with the desert as a backdrop; it was architecturally stunning.

Jordan is globally known for its UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site at Petra, but my travel plans did not allow me to include Petra to my schedule. Initially I had wanted to go there, then to the West Bank and finally Lebanon, but an Israeli stamp on the passport is a deterrent for those planning to visit Lebanon. An important aspect of traveling in the Middle East is being familiar with the regional geopolitics, its laws, customs and history, and this the reality of a stunning, yet volatile region.

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