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A tour of the Hampton Court Palace takes you into the life and times of Tudor King Henry VIII who was famous for his five wives and making England a Protestant nation

9/1/2016 4:54:47 PM
written By : Basabi Banerjee Print

Visiting heritage homes rich in history has always been one of the highlights of our trips to the UK and this year was no exception. Not in the mood for long-distance-driving, we decided on Hampton Court Palace in South London, just a few miles from where we were staying. What we hadn’t bargained for, however, was the bumper-to-bumper traffic as we neared our destination. We had inadvertently timed our visit to coincide with the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show put on by the Royal Horticultural Society for a week every summer. When we finally made it to a parking lot, it proved to be on the lush green lawns of a Primary School that provides extra parking for the hordes of visitors who flock to the event to enjoy floral exhibits, innovative garden designs and demonstrations by celebrity gardeners in a historic setting.

Having spent an inordinate amount of time on the journey, it was a relief to be told that getting to the Palace grounds would involve a short walk to the local pub, a two-minute ferry across the Thames and finally a scenic stroll along the riverside to the ticketing office. To our delight, we were treated to an immersive Tudor experience almost as soon as we had purchased our tickets. The head of Queen Catherine Howard’s household, (Catherine Howard was Henry the eighth’s fifth Wife), Lady Rochford appeared in period costume and addressing us as the lords and ladies of the Queen’s household, spoke of the vicious rumours that were being spread about our employer. Our loyalty, we were reminded, was essential to retain our jobs.

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