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Our expedition to Kruger National Park was a grand success as we got magnificent sightings of the Big 5

6/30/2017 2:21:52 PM
written By : Runima Borah Tandon Print

South Africa has the Kruger National Park, and Assam has Kaziranga. Being a true-blue Assamese, I have always had a keen interest in wildlife and nature reserves as my native North-eastern state boasts of several of them. My desire was fulfilled this summer, when our family made that long trip to this rugged terrain where we got a good glimpse of the Big 5 and lots more.

There are some vacations that are perfect and this was one such. The 10-hour flight from Singapore to Johannesburg in SIA Premier Economy was comfortable as it came with many frills. We were picked up from the airport by a vehicle arranged by Vuyani Safari Lodge, where our accommodation was booked. One could also take the 30 minutes flight to Hoedspruit but we decided to cover it by a car. The drive from Johannesburg to Moditlo game reserve took about six hours. For the first two hours we cruised along the highway, but it was the next four hours that were delightful. We passed beautiful countryside surrounded by the scenic Drakensburg Mountains. In between, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant where the food was as delicious as the sights around us. We saw many herbivorous animals - rhinos, zebras, cape-buffaloes, impalas, giraffes, elephants etc - grazing lazily in the open grasslands oblivious to our presence. This further ignited our excitement about seeing the Big 5 at Kruger National Park. 

Finally, we drove through acres of pristine African bushland and entered the Moditlo Game Reserve, situated at the foothills of the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains. We were warmly welcomed by a sweet, young South African lady, with hot towels (like SIA), at Vuyani Safari Lodge. 

After she explained the rules of the game reserve to us which included not walking around the place in the night without an escort, we were stumped by an indemnity form that each one of us had to sign that stated that the park would not be held responsible if any one of us were hurt or killed by a wild animal! Once we did this, we knew that we were truly in wildlife country. It set the tone for the start of a thrilling adventure in South Africa. 

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