Canberra: Cool Capital

Australian outback, great architecture and history makes this city in the Australian Commonwealth a must-see

3/17/2015 11:43:48 AM
written By : Steve Andre Print

Melbourne and Sydney tend to take precedenceover other Australian cities when it comes to visiting and touring Australia, though arrivals in Canberra have picked up over the past few years. The capital has the biggest and most comprehensive museums, big nature and wildlife reserves, kitschy flea markets, a young, vibrant and exciting population due to the diverse student body at the Australian National University, and the unmistakable Parliament House that hosts parliament sessions which are open to the public and where you can take a tour and see the Prime Minster himself, if you are lucky and he is taking a walk around the premises.

Tourists have been slow in biting the bait in visiting Canberra, and the tourist scene is less developed compared to other major Australian cities. I visited Canberra purely to catch up with my best friend Su, but was charmed nevertheless. As it is visited mostly by politicians, journalists and students, airfares are priced higher than other Australian cities. Therefore, the coach and train options are the most affordable providing a great opportunity to explore the Australian outback. You could take a V-Line train service from Melbourne to Canberrra or hop on to a coach to Sydney, a three-hour journey. Plus, as Canberra lies in between Melbourne and Sydney, it is a great stopover. I got on the train leaving Melbourne for Canberra, and at one instance, as the train went through the countryside; I saw at least 20-30 kangaroos galloping into the horizon. At that very moment, it almost felt like I was in an Australian tourism commercial. 

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