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Madhya Pradesh, located in the middle of India, is famous for its temples, historical sites and wildlife

12/31/2016 3:19:57 PM
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Hear the call of the wild! Come to Madhya Pradesh! This vast landlocked state in the heart of India is a magnet for pilgrims and nature lovers.  

The state capital Bhopal is in central Madhya Pradesh. Split by a pair of lakes, Bhopal is two cities within a city. To the North lies the old city, a fascinating area of mosques, serpentine alleys, exotic havelis and crowded bazaars. South of the two lakes is the new Bhopal with its wide roads, shopping complexes and plush hotels and restaurants nestled in the Arera and Shamla Hills. 

Sanchi, not far from Bhopal, is a major Buddhist site. The numerous Buddhist stupas, temples, monasteries and an Ashokan pillar attract travellers from far and wide. 

The hill station of Pachmarhi, also in central Madhya Pradesh, has echoes of the Raj, numerous hiking routes and is close to the Satpura National Park. Legend says the Pandava brothers visited Pachmarhi during their exile. Not far from Pachmarhi are the scenic Tawa Dam and Reservoir and the  meadows and backwaters of Madhai. 

Gwalior, in the North, is best known for its imposing hilltop fort. Regal structures dominate the cityscape, which retains a mediaeval majesty. 

Khajuraho, also in the north, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous for its ancient temples that depict some of the finest art in the world. Built between 950-1050 AD by the Chandela Dynasty, these temples depict meditation, spiritual teachings, royalty and erotic art.

Time stands still in the town of Orchha, founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chief, Rudra Pratap. Here, the river Betwa splits into seven channels, also called the Satdhara. 

Panna, also in the north, is a picturesque national park where tigers roam. There are also leopards, chitals, nilgais, sambhars and sloth bears. 

Jabalpur is the biggest city in eastern Madhya Pradesh. Visitors come to see the Marble Rocks, a gorge on the river Narmada. This region boasts several national parks. 

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