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Jetting To Bombay

The journey is part of the destination as our writer found out on a recent flight on Jet Airways

9/1/2016 4:56:32 PM
written By : Shobha Tsering Bhalla Print

As a homesick child in boarding school, my holidays began even before I had stepped into a train or aeroplane. They began with the trunks being taken out from the “box room” by our dorm matron and dusted and packed turn by turn.

Separated for the better part of the year from our parents who were a thousand heart-aches away, we were like semi-orphans starved of hugs and home cooking, making the yearning more intense. 

The excitement built up to a crescendo as the day of departure dawned and we boarded the huge State Transport coach that swayed dizzyingly down the hills to the big city in the plains and the train that would take us home. 

It was with the same sense of heightened anticipation that my husband and I boarded the plane bound for Bombay three weeks ago. Only this time, the mode of transportation was so much more luxurious - a sleek Jet Airways B777 with a full flatbed and all the bells and whistles – gourmet meals, Bollinger champagne, extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, in-seat sockets for mobile devices, and over 650 hours of international, Indian and regional movies, TV shows, music and games. The five-and-a-half hour flight just whizzed by.

Snuggled under a duvet, dressed in loungewear provided by the airline, and with the built-in massager easing the tension in my back, I felt like a pampered if slightly guilty schoolgirl as I sipped a glass of champagne that the unobtrusively attentive stewardess poured for me. I’m not a good flyer and seldom feel comfortable enough to watch a film but after the stewardess had made my bed my nervousness vanished and, wonder of wonders, I managed to watch a full cartoon on the wide - 15.4inch –screen before I fell asleep.

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