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Delhi Durbar

Mughal spledour in a day

4/2/2016 2:33:07 PM
written By : Rajan Raju Print

Delhi – the capital of medieval and modern India has so much to offer and I had just a day to visit and capture this place.

So it was only sensible to start the day early. We took a short walk before breakfast to Lodi Gardens - an oasis of greenery and tran-quility, in the heart of Delhi with well-marked trails. It was bustling with early morning walkers, joggers and small groups doing yoga. Streaming sunlight through the early morning smog provided a picturesque view of the tombs and architectural remains of the Lodi dynasty, that ruled Delhi in the 15th century.

We drove down Lodi Road, a large tree lined avenue with Humayun’s Tomb at one end and Safdarjung’s Tomb at the other. Humayun’s tomb was the first expression of Mughal garden architecture and, fittingly, Safdarjung’s was its last flicker. The sheer splendour and scale of Humayun’s tomb is breathtaking. Do visit Isa Khan’s tomb close to the entrance: it is an octagonal tomb set within an octagonal garden and makes a lovely contrast to the square geometry of the gardens and tomb of Humayun. Try to spend a few hours admiring the Tomb and surrounding buildings. The grounds and some parts of the buildings are wheelchair accessible.

Safdarjung was the Vizer of the Mughal Empire. His tomb though planned like Humayun’s, is a poor cousin, due to a lack of resources from the dying Mughal Empire. The lines are not as graceful, the sandstone not as grand and the ornamentation not as striking, but still worth a visit. The tomb and grounds are wheelchair friendly with appropriate access right from the entrance.

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