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Simple renovation tips to empower love and relationship 

1/30/2015 4:49:37 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Good health, harmony, peace and love are things money cannot buy; yet most of us crave for it and look for easy solutions. Creating a prosperous space for living to earn money and getting rich is not too challenging when compared to good health, relationship and harmony.

Any relationship is a delicate balance of energies between individuals. A slight mismatch is enough to trigger differences, distrust, hate and emotional outbursts. A relationship free of possessiveness is said to be bliss as there is total mutual trust. However this is quite rare.

When two hearts are close, they communicate in whispers as the hearts are bonded, whereas when there is a discord the individuals communicate by raising their voice. It’s obvious that when there is discord the hearts get distanced and communication has to be with the voices raised and anger showing up.

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