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Feng Shui not only brings in good vibrations, but also keeps your house attractive

5/31/2017 3:44:19 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Adapting the science of Vaastu or Feng Shui from the inception of a project can prevent costly mistakes. By incorporating classical Feng Shui principles into your new home construction/design, the benefits are tremendous. The premise behind Feng Shui is to ensure that your home and the surrounding exterior environment supports and enhances greater human potential, opportunity, and positive experience. It is said that, a large portion of the future occupant’s fate can be decided by the way the building is placed on a piece of land. Using time-tested mathematical formulas based on the date and how a structure is to be placed on a piece of land, one could build a home that ushers success, prosperity, good health, and a happy family life. 

We may not be able to correct our neighborhood and surroundings but we can surely adapt Feng Shui to counter the ill effects and restore the harmony within our space. These corrective measures will go a long way to abate energy that is disturbing and enhance the energy that feels good.

From the subatomic particles to skyscrapers, from good vibes to auras, everything in the universe is said to be vibrating. Every bit of us is a vibrating energy and we live in an environment that is vibrating energy. Our personal vibrations interact with the vibrations of our environment including the people, places and things that make up our world. The art of Feng Shui helps in actively choosing or intending to engage with the favourable energy available to us at all times.

Feng Shui will help you rearrange what you have to create the best possible visual impression, so that your home will look more orderly, more balanced, and more beautiful. With a little bit of resourceful thinking, you can make Feng Shui work just by re-imagining how you can use the things you already have. The few specific decorative items used in Feng Shui that you may wish to purchase, like plants, mirrors, and chimes, are not too expensive, so even if you do indulge in a bit of shopping to complete your Feng Shui project, it would be worth the effort and time invested. No doubt for a proper arrangement and correct Feng Shui, you would need some professional advice and guidance.

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