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Radhika Raj, creating vibrant designs by transforming space energy

8/1/2016 3:43:37 PM
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In an industry where style and sophistication often rule, Sphere Concept Pte. Ltd., a leading interior design and space management house, complements interior spaces with harmony in equal measure.

For Radhika Raj, Founder-Director of Sphere Concept Pte Ltd, space is a continuum to harvest boundless energy for her client’s personal and universal growth through unique and creative design styles. SCPL’s ethos is that harmony is universally central in strengthening lives and relationships and also space.

Be it designing a home or a commercial office space or entertainment zone, bringing harmony through personalization, effective usage of complementary materials and resources and trusting the power of nature, is the essence of each of project. Radhika’s inspiration is the natural law of harmony and the science of spatial resonance. She has made this her unique style of design, inspired by her creative partner, Dr. Mayank Shah, who has done intensive research on ancient architecture, space energy and its governing principles. They consistently combine the power and wisdom of intuition, inspiration and application to deliver results that create spaces with character, identity and energy apart from being also award-winning designs.

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