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Bring In Some Fun

Perfectly done up homes can be boring. Add some quirk to your space.

7/14/2014 12:52:44 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Expensive leather sofas, silk curtains, Persian carpets and teakwood tables sound plush and posh, but can get a tad boring. As model and television host Tyra Banks once said, “Perfect is boring, human is beautiful.” 

Hence while you might want to buy all the luxurious stuff for your home, it is sometimes good to add some of your own personality and character to your décor. And the easiest way to do that is to incorporate some unusual or quirky elements to your interiors. These can be items that you can purchase, get creative and come up with something truly unusual.

These could be as simple as painting a rattan chair in bright colours or refurbishing a metal birdcage to create a centrepiece. Another idea could be creating a moveable TV stand. You could take a vintage old easel made of sturdy wood, fix wheels on them and hang your latest slim television. This will create an illusion of a large space.

Another trick is to play with wallpaper. One can create various types of illusions with it. You could also play around with various wooden panels to create interesting patterns. Acrylic candy lampshades, fun photo frames and bright coloured storage containers can all add to the appeal of your room.

Art pieces and oversize objects too can be placed to create fun corners. Less formal than a bust and funnier than a horse head, a bit of anatomy - or any eye-catching sculpture - will elicit questions and smiles. Place it in a conspicuous spot, like on a side table or by the entryway as a doorstop. A tad shy? Tuck a smaller version on a shelf among books. 

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