About us

Dear Readers,

After almost two years of dreaming, planning and hoping, we have brought you the first and – we hope – the ultimate magazine for overseas Indians.
India Se (which means “from India” in Hindi) is the first global Indian lifestyle magazine for non-resident Indians (NRIs) and persons of Indian origin (PIOs), otherwise known just as “global Indians”.

As NRIs we are among the most educated and highest earning ethnic minorities in our countries of domicile, making the term a metaphor for success everywhere.
By any measure, we have reached a critical mass and a critical achievement level but until now we have never had a unified media platform to communicate with each other across the many countries we call home.

Until now our NRI media world had been too niche and too fragmented. Despite our love for the written word and our famed loquaciousness, as NRIs we have had no regional or global media platform to talk about our achievements, our aspirations, our culture or multitudes of cultures, and even our (many) idiosyncrasies.
We believe it is time for a magazine which does just that. We believe it is time for a global Indian-centric media brand that also provides a common media platform to the global Indian community to communicate.

Beyond being the best NRI lifestyle magazine, India Se will be a global platform to bring together overseas Indians culturally, intellectually and economically.
It also aims to be the medium through which to transmit Indian values, culture and pride in overseas Indians and help them contribute meaningfully to their adopted countries.
While India Se is a magazine dedicated to issues that are important to NRIs it is not restricted only to these groups of recent Indian immigrants. As a cultural and lifestyle magazine, it also seeks to connect, inform and entertain all people of Indian origin even those a few generations removed, who identify themselves culturally, ethnically and emotionally as Indians.

In doing so, it does not exclude non-Indians who may want to find out what makes Indians – especially global Indians – such a powerful and vibrant economic and cultural force globally.

Our intention is to become Asia’s and eventually the world’s most well-read and influential magazine among overseas Indians and thus create an international community of the most interested and interesting Indians in the world.
Every month India Se will deliver the most original and entertaining coverage in global Indian business, education, wealth management, property, wellness, fashion, travel, weddings, and art and culture.

It will have opinionated and compellingly-written columns by some of the most famous names in literature, film, sport and business – names such as Shashi Tharoor, Mahesh Bhatt, Shobhaa De, Seamus O’Brien and Debashis Chatterjee.

With a gimlet eye on trends that affect overseas Indians, sharp analysis, strong anecdotal evidence and great writing, we promise never to bore you, with stories that make you bit players in the media’s fringe theatres.

Because it will be a magazine produced by NRIs for NRIs about NRIs, India Se will be the most authoritative magazine of its kind and you and your issues will always be mainstream.

Our content list is a ‘thali’ of rich offerings on a variety of issues that are important to you – education, property, wealth management, business & careers, culture and lifestyle and marriage.

It will have everything to provide hours of contented – and sometimes contentious – reading because we know that with your enquiring and incisive mind, you like to be positively provoked and even titillated.

So, just like – or better perhaps than – the best media offerings you left behind and sometimes miss, we will bring you a monthly offering of khatta-meetha delicacies that involve, inspire and affect you in the best possible way.

We hope you will like it so much that you will treat this magazine as your home away from home and write in to compliment, complain or offer suggestions as often as you wish. This magazine is for you, so your opinions are paramount.

India Se could not have happened without its many dear friends and well-wishers who were there to help it take shape when it was still a pipe dream.
I would like to dedicate this first issue to my mother-in-law Sheila Raj Bhalla, who passed away just a month ago as I was preparing to put this magazine together. Her years of unstinting moral support and baby-sitting – thank God for the extended Indian family – allowed me to take up journalism as a career and, above all, allowed me to dream.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to my wonderful teammates for whom India Se is more than a job – it’s a career and a cause. Sanjay, Ashali, Roopali, Kapil, Kamlu, Nupur, Mohanraj, Deepa, Sajetha, Shivangi, Vaidehi, Anu, Sarita and Samip – I’m touched you chose to join the cause.

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