'Migrant Workers Losing Money In Singapore's Casinos'

11/6/2017 1:21:38 PM
written By : Team India Se Print

Migrant workers are falling into debt traps in Singapore's casinos, reports the South China Morning Post.

On Fridays and Saturdays, at about 10pm, workers start streaming into the Marina Bay Sands casino. They stay until the small hours of the morning, playing their favourite games – sic bo (big small), where bets are placed on the possible outcomes of a roll of three dice, and roulette, says the newspaper.

Most do not observe the casino’s smart-casual dress code, entering the premises in Bermudas and sandals. The report quoted AKM Mohsin, who runs Singapore’s only Bengali newspaper. He said it was not unusual to hear of workers who had stopped sending money home because they were saddled with gambling debt.

As of June this year, there were 975,800 migrant workers in Singapore, including 296,700 working in the construction sector.  It is not known how many visit the casino each month, the report added.

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