Indians Among New Citizens More Likely To Be Accepted As "Truly Singaporean"

11/8/2017 4:19:25 PM
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Singaporeans are more likely to accept  new citizens who are Indian, Chinese, Malay and Eurasian as “truly Singaporean”.

“Although about 60 per cent of respondents reported that citizens from Arab and African backgrounds would be accepted, this was relatively lower than the over 90 per cent acceptance levels for those from Chinese, Malay and Indian backgrounds,” said the report on the study conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and Channel News Asia (CNA).

A total of 2,020 people took part in the survey, 94 per cent of them Singapore citizens and the rest permanent residents. .

“The percentage of Singaporeans from various ethnic backgrounds being accepted as truly Singaporean” was 96.9 per cent for Malays, 96 per cent for Chinese, 91.2 per cent for Indians, 83.7 per cent for Eurasians, 78.5 per cent for Caucasians, 78.5 per cent for Japanese, 75.3 per cent for Koreans, 69.9 per cent for Filipinos, 64.5 per cent for Arabs and 61.7 per cent for Africans, said the report.

This is in keeping with Singapore’s ethnic composition.

Singapore has a total population of 5.6 million, of whom 3.9 million are Singapore citizens and 526,000 permanent residents. Together the latter two are called the resident population, of whom 74.3 per cent are Chinese, 13.4 per cent Malay, 9 per cent Indian and 3.2 per cent others, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics’ 2017 Population Trends report.

A total of 20,815 people were granted Singapore citizenship in 2015, and between 15,000 and 25,000 new citizenships are granted each year.

“Overall, the survey found that ethnic identity was important to the majority of respondents (63.2 per cent),” said the report.

“However, it may be important moving forward, especially with greater cross-national marriages and a globalised world, that Singaporeans become more amenable to persons outside the traditional CMI (Chinese, Malay, Indian) races also becoming part of the Singaporean core,” it added.  It noted: “Around 55 per cent of respondents at least somewhat identified with American culture, while around 48 per cent of respondents at least somewhat identified with European culture.”

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