The Fozdar Collection @ Galerie Belvedere

10/16/2014 3:59:55 PM
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Mr Fozdar Copy

An art of sublime themes, colourful backgrounds and rich heritage, the Fozdar collection of miniatures have a lyrical quality that captures your mind and soul.

Jamshed K Fozdar has been collecting miniatures that depict scenes from Indian history and mythology. The collection includes paintings from three categories – the Moghul court, Rajasthani and Pahari paintings.

Said Fozdar, son of famed women’s activist Shirin Fozdar who founded the Singapore Council of Women in 1952, “My collection of miniature paintings has provided a window into the salient aspects of what constitutes the rich tapestry of my own Indo-Iranian heritage.”

Date: October 10-November1, 2014

Venue: Galerie Belvedere, 140 Hill Street, Old Hill Street Police Station,

#01-10/11/12, Singapore 179369.


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