63-yr-old woman living alone, locked in one room rescued

Please pray for the dear and helpless aunt (Masi) of Deepika Shetty our former/stringer and well-known correspondent at The Straits Times. She is rushing to Chandigarh to help her critically ill aunt who, it was discovered yesterday,has been the victim of inhuman abuse by her own relatives for many years. God speed you Deepika!

5/22/2015 10:30:54 AM
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Let's Talk About Sukhi

If Masi could talk right now she would say a personal Shukran to each of you. That is not an option at the moment.

For those writing, asking me how they can help, here are the next steps.

If you have friends in the Indian media, please help me get the word out.

The story here is not about an isolated woman. The story here is not just about my Masi. The fact that she is, breaks my heart, utterly, absolutely, completely...it makes me lose whatever little hope I had.

Fact is...she could be anyone's Masi anywhere in India.

To keep quiet now is not an option.

This story needs a national level public airing and in addition to all that each of you is already doing for her by sharing my notes, you can help me by writing in to the following agencies. A story gets stronger if more people lend their voices. If you have direct points of contact in any of these agencies, I would appreciate that very much. 

Till then, here is what I have. 

You can send emails, you can simply copy paste all that I have collated below or you can write express your own reaction.

I have attached all the links and my previous notes.

This is not the time to keep quiet...

Some of you may question why this even needs to be done. 

It needs to be done because if Masi pulls through what she has been put through, the story will repeat itself again, if it is not under constant watch. It needs to be done because seriously these cases are unfolding in perfect homes, with perfectly manicured garden with perfectly lined driveways filled with cars.

This is fact...often stranger than fiction.


1. National Human Rights Commission of India

Tel: 91-11-24663211Tel: 91-11-24663212

Email: sgnhrc@nic.in


2. India's National Commission for Women 

Email : ms-ncw@nic.in

Email : jsncw-wcd@nic.in

Address : National Commission for Women, 4, Deen Dayal Upadhayay Marg, New Delhi - 110 002


3. Prime Minister's Office

Email: rti-pmo.applications@gov.in

Shri Pushpendra Kumar Sharma

Central Public Information OfficerUnder Secretary (RTI), Prime Minister’s OfficeSouth Block, New Delhi – 110011Telephone: 011-23382590(O)Fax No: 011-23388157


4. Chief Justice of India

Email: supremecourt@nic.in


Newspaper links:

Indian Expresshttp://indianexpress.com/article/cities/chandigarh/63-yr-old-woman-living-alone-locked-in-one-room-rescued/

The Tribune: 


Deepika Shetty's Facebook posts:





Full Text of Deepika Shetty's Facebook post on May 20, 2015:


What Have You Done To My Masi, What Gave You The Right, Mama???

20 May 2015 at 23:26

He had just one job. This idiot uncle of mine who goes by the name of Colonel Sarabjit Singh. Just one job really. To take care of his only surviving sister, who is separated, who has no children. This jerk, he doesn't lack money. There is enough family land at stake, which has been kept away from all of us. They live in a property worth crores of rupees. They have 3 cars parked in their drive-way, none of which my aunt has ever had access to.I have written about this many times. I have written open letters. I have written of the odds the aam aurat faces in India. Not much happens really as you go from pillar to post. I have seen it all during my vacations doing the rounds of lawyers who suck your finances dry and cops who look away soon after your flight takes off. But the biggest crime is the brother who looks away. The brother who abandons his only sister. It is the gravest crime. That is what my Uncle did to his sister. He has inflicted a torture so intense that today I received the phone call I have been dreading. My Masi, Sukhmohinder Kaur very nearly slipped into a coma. She has been moved to a hospital and even as these steps were being taken arguments were on, to delay her move. What kind of brother does to his sister? I just can not understand.He sickens me, this Uncle of mine. He sickens me to the very core of my being. I have never been more reviled by a human being. The last time he spoke to me was 6 years ago when my grand-mother died. And it was only so he could conveniently get my signature. He hasn't looked at me since. His job with me was done. But what he did to his sister is create a living hell for her. You can see it in the visual accompanying this story. And I hope when you do you be will just as angry as I am right now, even though she is not your Masi. Because no one, absolutely no one has the right to turn anyone into a vegetable. That is what this man has done to his sister. He has sapped her dry by putting her through mindless court battles. He has broken her down. This was never my Masi. She is a perfectly educated woman who was once an English Literature Lecturer. But life has broken her down.This is what I talk about when I go up on stage. These are things that make me weep. The perfect meltdown of families in a nation that used to once pride itself on its Khandaan. The things property is doing. All this money and the very futility of it.This is the result of a long-drawn legal battle that has played out over 6 years in House No-105, Sector 36-A, Chandigarh. 160036. In those years, I have written about these things but no one has picked them up. Till today...I am grateful to all the people who are now helping Masi and I hope if you are pausing to read this you will join me in saying a silent prayer for her. Perhaps it will help...I don't know...This was not supposed to be Masi's life. She should have been quietly enjoying her chai having spent 6 years of her own life taking care of her bed-ridden mother.If there is really a God out there, I don't think he listens...at least not to me.I write this...With a completely broken heart...With very little hope left...This used to be my room in a property that looks beyond perfect from the outside. It is there in The Red Helmet. This room of mine...whose memories have just become a little more painfully intense.You see there are no perfect lives...In that perfect home, a brother has allowed this to happen.Hoped his sister would just die so he could have it all...even I don't know for what.Welcome to a real world of really painful stories...These are family lives...Social workers have now moved in and I hope the police will finally pay this case the attention it should have got 6 years ago.Yes, it takes that long to reduce a perfectly normal human being to this...If you are in Chandigarh, Masi has just been moved to the Sector 32 government hospital. And if you have had the patience to read this post of mine, I can only hope you can take one little step further - help me share this story.There is no pressure, like public pressure.http://www.tribuneindia.com/…/63-year-old-woman-…/83023.html


Full Text of Deepika Shetty's Facebook Post, Nov 25, 2014

Why Did Sukhmohinder Kaur Lose Her Case?

25 November 2014 at 12:37

Sukhmohinder Kaur...Once upon a time she used to laugh like this...Dear Mr Narendra ModiI write this open letter to you because you are my only hope.I write on a day when I am completely disillusioned with all that the legal system has inflicted on a woman named Sukhmohinder Kaur.I write because Sukhmohinder Kaur is not alone...there are many other women like her battling perhaps similar battles across India.I write because they are being beaten by the very system they had rested all their hopes on.I write because women like Sukhmohinder Kaur have no money left to take on another round of expensive appeals in the Indian legal system.I write because women like Sukhmohinder Kaur are rapidly lose hope and their very mind.They were once completely normal women. Women who laughed like the rest of us.Women who lived life. Fully.Then they found themselves trapped as some of us unwittingly are, in cases beyond our wildest imaginations.These cases sometimes split families to their very core.Property is often the centre of the dispute, as is the case with Sukhmohinder Kaur, who was dragged into the web that is the Indian legal system by her own brother.It has been 5 years since those legal battles started in Chandigarh and Hissar in Haryana.These things take that kind of time I am told.Between extensive court hearings, her savings have been completed depleted, which is nothing rare nor new nor does it make the news.The news is that she has now lost her court battle.She has been told her next step is to file an appeal and start this legal battle all over again.But you see a part of her is completely broken.She cannot even string together sentences the way she used.She weeps copiously.  She can't even get out of bed on most days.When she speaks on the phone the voice is that of a woman who has given up on life itself.She cannot believe she has lost this case because her papers were in order.She cannot believe she has lost this case because her late father had willed everything equally to his three children. She happens to be one of those three children.She cannot believe she is being asked to fight all over again because she neither has the strength nor the courage to start again.She has given up...She is a broken woman, broken by the very system whose very job it was to protect her.I don't know what the future holds.It all looks very dark even though the sun is shining in the city from where I write this note.I write to you, Mr Modi, because I believe something, somewhere can mysteriously, magically happen...that women like Sukhmohinder Kaur can be told that they have not lost it all.That they will be able to live in homes that always belonged to them.That they won't have to face the fear of eviction ever again.That they won't be asked to go through appeal after painful appeal.They don't have the resources to fight these cases.That they will win cases that were rightfully theirs to begin with.

I believe the change is possible if each of you reading this note join me in asking this question - Why Did Sukhmohinder Kaur Lose Her Case?I know her papers were in order. I know for fact she has not made a single false statement in the long-running court battle thrust upon her by her own brother.I know this for fact.How do I know this?You see, I am her niece.Today, I don't just want to you to pause here and express outrage. I want you to be the collective voice asking - Why Did Sukhmohinder Kaur Lose Her Case?Why does she even need to file an appeal?Because if we don't start asking these questions, there will be many more women like her...giving up on battles that were meant to be justly theirs.I write this because I believe each of you can help me make the change.I write this because I believe systems exist because we don't question them enough.I write this because even in all my darkest moments, I hold out on the one thing that has kept me alive all these years...and that one thing is hope itself.On that note, I'd like you to now start sharing this note.This is a request I rarely make.

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