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Singapore ‘On Track’ To Become An Arts Hub

3/2/2015 3:13:33 PM
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London is the most prominent city for arts and culture anywhere in the world but Singapore is 'on track' to becoming an arts hub.

Singapore’s development as an arts hub was recognised by several of the 70 industry stakeholders who responded to a survey undertaken by Bell Pottinger Arts, a division of international communications company Bell Pottinger. This year was earmarked as being a watershed year for the city-state, with the opening of the National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris, the revamping of three of Singapore’s major cultural institutions - the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore, and arts activities related to SG50.  
Venice Biennale was selected as the single most important arts and cultural event globally in 2015, for which the National Arts Council is currently preparing Singapore’s much-anticipating return after a hiatus in 2013.
Some respondents fear that Hong Kong’s status as a global arts hub may be impacted by the protests, although Art Basel Hong Kong is still seen as the single most important event in the region.

Commenting on the survey, Bell Pottinger Arts Partner Abel Hadden said: “London is seen as the world’s most important city for art and culture although international competition is clearly increasing. Let’s hope that the uncertainties over future funding for the arts do nothing to damage the capital’s international standing.’’

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