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Singapore MP Attacked By Man, Suffers Minor Injuries

4/17/2018 1:59:58 PM
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A ruling party member of parliament was attacked by a man while he was meeting his constituents in Singapore on the night of April 16.

Dr Tan Wu Meng, a People’s Action Party (PAP) MP  for the Jurong Group Representation Constituency (GRC), was holding a Meet-the-People session in Clementi when the man rushed in and started hitting him with his fists at about 10 pm.

"It was very sudden. I was actually interviewing another resident, the next thing I knew someone was hitting me and I fell to the floor," said Dr Tan, who suffered bruises on his arm and abrasions on his neck.

The man was quickly restrained by others at the scene.

The police were called and arrived shortly with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Dr Tan went to the National University Hospital for a check-up as advised by the police and the SCDF, but returned to the Meet-the-People session to write appeal letters for the residents including his attacker, reported the Straits Times. The police are investigating.

Dr Tan said he had never been attacked before, but there had been previous cases of MPs being attacked. The former Yio Chu Kang MP Seng Han Thong was attacked twice, said the Straits Times. In 2006, he was punched by a 74-year-old taxi driver during a Meet-the-People session. And in 2009, while handing out hong bao to the poor and the elderly, he was attacked by a 70-year-old man who splashed paint thinner on him and set fire to him. He suffered 10 to 15 per cent burns and underwent a skin graft operation. He retired from politics in 2015.

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