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Singapore Airlines Drops Plan To Charge Credit Card Service Fee

1/4/2018 1:32:00 PM
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Singapore Airlines has dropped its plan to charge a credit card service fee (CCSF) for tickets issued in Singapore.

It announced on January 3 that it would start charging the fee on January 20 for selected booking classes.

But it dropped the plan on January 4 after a backlash from customers, reported Channel NewsAsia.

No reason was given on the Singapore Airlines website, which merely said: “Following a further review, Singapore Airlines will not be proceeding with the implementation of the CCSF.”

The plan was to introduce a 1.3 per cent fee based on the booking cost, capped at $50 per passenger, for tickets issued under the new Economy Lite category for flights from Singapore.

Currently, SIA charges credit card service fees for flights from Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand and United Kingdom. The fees vary for each country.

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