Sikh Heritage In Pakistan – Book By Amardeep Singh Launched In Singapore

2/1/2016 3:00:50 PM
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A book on the Sikh heritage in Pakistan has been launched in Singapore, highlighting the legacy of the community that was left behind following the partition. The 500-page, 2.5 kg book, by financial services executive-turned author Amardeep Singh, reflects his personal journey whilst discovering his roots.

Singh travelled through West Punjab, Northwest Frontier and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir covering the rich history of the Sikhs, while in search of his roots of origin and the loss of his extended family in the massacre. Singh's travelogue took more than a year of visiting and photographing sites, shrines and historical monuments in Pakistan based on his 25 years of research work. 

While launching the book 'Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan', National University of Singapore (NUS) Professor Tan Tai Yong said, “The exodus of people following the partition of India and Pakistan led to a creation of Sikh diaspora. The boundary lines drawn based on a report by Cyril Radcliffe resulted in the world's biggest migration of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims, as they were uprooted from their ancestral homes, leaving behind valuable land and heritage.”

During his introduction to the book, Harjit S. Bhatia, Executive Chairman, Asia Growth Capital Advisors (Singapore) said that there were many interesting and unknown facts in the book, such as a temple dedicated to Prahalad, whose story is part of the legend of Holi. In fact, Prahalad’s father was the King of Multan. Bhatia also supported Singh in publishing the book and has already agreed to fund restoration of some of the dilapidated Sikh structures in Pakistan.

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