SIA’s Profits Go Up In Q3

2/5/2016 2:31:48 PM
written By : Team India Se Print

As a result of lower fuel prices and cheaper airfares, SIA has observed a 35.5 per cent jump in net profit for the third quarter. Evidently, these perks have sealed the deal for many SIA passengers although the operating environment ahead remains visibly challenging and competitive competition. In figures, the net profit rose to S$275 million in the quarter ended December, in comparison to S$202.6 million a year earlier. Operating profits, too, nearly doubled to S$288 million from 2014 where it was S$141 million.

On the other hand, however, group revenue has declined by approximately 4 per cent to S$3.9 billion. The assumed reason for this cause is weaker passenger yields and cargo operations.  Moreover, passenger yield declined by 4.6 per cent whereas cargo yield dropped by 13.5 per cent. All in all, revenues earned have significantly boosted the net value of SIA. 

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