Singapore Airlines Airbus Forced To Land In Small New York Airport

1/5/2018 9:48:45 AM
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A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight was forced to divert to a small New York airport after a massive winter storm closed runways at  John F Kennedy International Airport.

The 325 passengers aboard SIA Flight 26 from Frankfurt, Germany, found themselves on a snowy runway around 1 pm local time on Janaury 4 (12 midnight Singapore time) at humble Stewart International, nearly 130 km north of JFK, CNBC reported.

The plane was an Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger jet.

Passengers were leaving the plane after 5 pm local time using outdoor stairs, CNB reported quoting  Manoel Gerlach, a passenger aboard the plane, 

CNBC reported: “The sight of the giant plane, whose 262-foot wingspan is more than double that of a Boeing 737, was unusual for the airport, which is dwarfed by JFK. In 2016, the airport handled 137,000 passengers. JFK, in comparison, received 29 million, according to the Department of Transportation.

“Stewart's 11,800 foot runway can easily accommodate the large plane, and the airport even bills itself as an ‘efficient diversion airport’ because the runway is so long. But its gates aren't high enough to reach the plane's doors, so stairs had to be brought to the aircraft and passengers exited the plane into the outdoors.

“The flight was one of dozens that were diverted as powerful winds and heavy snow closed runways at some of the busiest airports along the East Coast, including several international long-haul flights,” said CNBC.

The Singapore Airlines Airbus will fly from Stewart to JFK, said CNBC, adding: “A spokesman for Singapore Airlines said it wasn't clear how long that would take, but business-jet operators estimate the flight time on a small jet at about 30 minutes. The plane will then fly back to Frankfurt.”




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