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SIngapore Airlines Flight 'Technical Fault' Landing In Calcutta

5/7/2018 12:38:56 PM
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Singapore Airlines Flight SQ516 carrying more than 230 passengers and crew suffered a "technical fault" during landing at Calcutta airport in India on May 5.

The aircraft remained on the ground in Calcutta for about 20 hours, then departed for the return flight as SQ-517D and reached Singapore after a delay of about 19 hours, reported the Aviation Herald.

A Singapore Airlines spokesman told The Straits Times that the Airbus A-330 encountered a technical fault during landing in Calcutta. "All passengers disembarked safely," said the spokesman.  

The Times of India reported the plane suffered a hydraulic failure after landing at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Calcutta at around 11.30 pm on May 5.

The Millennium Post reported: The hydraulic leakage resulted in drainage of fuel from the flight on the runway. A senior official said that the snag had developed a few minutes before the flight was scheduled to land, when the fuel started leaking. As it landed, the nose wheel of the plane got locked and the flight came to a halt with a sudden jerk. The pilot stopped the engine to mitigate any risk. After some time, the flight was towed across the runway by a special vehicle.

A spokesperson for the airport, however, said: "There was no impact on any other flight as the alternate runway was put in use," the spokesperson said.


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